Climate Change is a Hoax

It is easy to debunk climate change. I used to believe in it, until I actually looked at the data and research behind it. It was then that I realize that climate change was based on absurd notions. They like to abuse your naivety by claiming that science backs up their claims, but what they are really saying is that their opinion is science. We all know that science is testing ideas with data and research.

They have all kinds of spooky research like at, but it's all bullshit. Anyone can debunk these claims. It's easy. Watch.

Definition used in the MOOC Denial101x:

Genuine scientific skepticism is a good thing. In fact, it’s the heart of the scientific method. Genuine skeptics don’t come to a conclusion until they have considered the evidence. In contrast, people who deny well-established science come to a conclusion first, and then discount any evidence that conflicts with their beliefs. That means that denial and skepticism are polar opposites.

That is the type of simplistic logic they use on their site. You notice that they make it sound like they are open to debate, but they are not. They say people who are skeptical of science are a good thing, and that's the scientific method. But then they claim that these same people deny well established science. This is dishonest, and not worthy of actual scientific practices and methods.

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